Collecting today for tomorrow

How do we take care of the academic heritage of tomorrow? What has to be collected and preserved of the recent past is a relevant question for universities. Other than museums universities produce their own future collections. But usually it is purely coincidental what robot, computersimulation or other witness of contemporary science survives to be collected.

On June 22 the Dutch Academic Heritage Platform SAE organises a symposium around the theme Collecting today for tomorrow. 

One of the speakers is dr. Elise van den Hoven. Her talk is entitled Materializing memories, which tries to convey the importance of the physical in combination with memory. The talk will cover three studies: 1- a digital photo browser using physical interaction (her PhD-project), 2- a study into time capsules for families, and 3- a design to facilitate communication about the past, between parents and teens.

Great line up of speakers, I just mention one other:

dr. Tjarda de Haan, web archeologist, on digging up The Digital City.